Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Rebecca!

Becca turned 9 years old on Saturday! My mom and I took the girls downtown Seattle to a cupcake camp for her birthday, we thought that it sounded like a fun, girly thing to go and do...and it was!

Here we are starting our day in the car anticipating all the yumminess and fun! Rebecca and Marissa entering the cupcake camp!
My favorite display of cupcakes that were ooohhh so good!
There were several dozen different cupcake vendors at the camp, you pay a donation to enter and then it was an endless buffet of cupcakes to eat! Trying to make a decision on which ones to take was difficult.

We took plenty of cupcakes, but after eating 1-2 each we were already full of sugar so we ended up bringing plenty home to enjoy later. By the time we left we felt so sick from all the sugar we decided to head to another favorite Panera Bread to get some protein before we all had sugar was so yummy!

We ended our day heading to Michael's to pick up the materials for Becca's friend party next weekend. We will be making beaded bracelets.
It was a very fun day, Becca was exhausted she was so excited to open her presents from us in the morning that she was up at 5:30 am. I think this picture explains it all, she was waiting for me to pay for our goodies at Michael's. The picture just makes me laugh!
Happy Birthday Becca Boo!

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